Other solutions

Digital Proof of Delivery

Chronopost scanners enable our customers to have the image of Proof of Delivery on a digital form, checked online.


Software that enables automated printing guides, producing the daily expedition file and statistic data.

This system also allows each customer to check their orders using the destination postal codes, the dates of dispatch or the state, and to send a message to addressees when the order is dispatched.

Monitoring and training of all our customers are assured by our IT team.

SMS Alert and POD by SMS

It is an alert service to the recipient via SMS or Email. If you register an incidence the recipient may, on request, receive an informative SMS about the impossibility of carrying out the delivery and may reschedule the delivery.


Our portal is a clear commitment of Chronopost in providing a more functional service, faster and more efficiently to its customers, integrating all the essential features: schedule, search, change, or cancel shipments or collections; follow expeditions; check the status of refunds; etc.


Provides our clients with rigorous control of the status of shipments, via internet, at www.chronotrace.chronopost.com . Allows monotoring shipments on a step-by-step basis, from the moment  of picking up to the effective delivery.